About Us


Fancyherhair started as a little business idea which focused mainly on providing customers with a variety of hair services, a few which includes weave installs, braiding, wig making etc. Because we appreciate our customers and hold them to a high esteem, we decided to expand this little business idea and create a brand name that offers more services. As a growing brand, we have gone far and wide searching for the best hair quality to provide our customers with as one of our new services offered. Here at Fancyherhair, we believe everyone deserves to have that quality hair of their dreams at an affordable price. This is why we are here to help you transform, and fall in love with your hair at a glance by devoting ourselves in making sure that the highest grade of Virgin hair extensions are provided. It is indeed our duty to make you beautiful. beauty shop beauty salon


We offer our customers the best quality 100% virgin human hair with a variety of textures. This allows us to cater to different women all over the globe. This hair is finely selected for our customers best selection. Browse through our Raw Indian Hair collection, Luxe Wigs, and Luxe ponytail extensions each hand washed and carefully double wefted by our devoted members of fancyherhair.


Our Virgin extensions is selectively hand picked to ensure that our hair products are not manipulated or chemically treated in anyway leaving the hair free from any damage. Fancyherhair currently has a Luxe wig collection, well constructed either machine sewn or by hand, providing our costumers with a wider range of styles, textures, and density to go with.We are excited to bring more products your way in the future as you continue to shop with us.